Open Green Map

Open Green Map (OGM) is an interactive, multilingual platform where users can post and add features to maps of localities all over the world. Openflows is currently building on the vibrancy of the popular Green Map idea — where residents create a print or digital map highlighting resources of ecological and social interest in their areas — in developing OGM. With OGM, people can easily publish, with reduced technological and financial barriers, Green Maps online.Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 7.39.23 PM

OGM users can set varied permissions for their maps, allowing them to be shared and even updated and commented on by others. We’ve incorporated open source and Google Maps technology with social networking and other interactive features, strengthening the community feel of the site, such as allowing visitors to contribute photos or videos of ecologically noteworthy sites in their communities. Extensive use of the Google Maps API makes the site easy to navigate, as users can zoom in on areas of interest and view detailed information if desired.

Since the Green Map community is world-wide, spanning every continent but Antarctica, content is translated via a team of dedicated volunteers as well as the multilingual features of Drupal 6. The site is currently available in four languages, with several others in the works.