Client Expectations

We ask clients to sign off on reading this as part of our work and planning agreements.


We build workflow systems that are client- and user-centric, we ask our clients to be partners in development. We not only want but need your active collaboration to create a successful project.
You can expect that we will work with you to break your project into small, logical pieces, create and test those pieces, and engage in review and next-step plan-making. The results of this collaborative and iterative work style means that your priorities affect the timeline, scope, and requirements of the next pieces of the project. When and if your priorities change, we can work together to address new needs.


  • You, as the client, are an active part of  the project — you’re not just a customer. We expect clients to take an active role in collaborating with our organization.
  • We ask your input and investigate your needs, and advise you as to the process and cost to create the functions you’ve asked for technically.
  • We ask clients to review both the planning documents that come from your input, and to review, understand, and sign off on the work agreements that come out of this planning. This is your opportunity to ask questions, give input, and drive.
  • We ask for a clear definition of who has sign-off on phases of your project.
  • We ask clients to participate in QA and testing at scheduled intervals along the project. We are delivering enterprise software on non-profit budgets and the reason we can do that is that we rely on our clients for testing
  • We want clients to be aware that you may discover, upon testing, that the functionality or priorities you originally set may change, as your understanding of the system we’re buidling and related priorities change; that means we may need to loop back and do a new planning phase to change directions, this may necessitate a change in time, budget, and order of operations. 
  • We expect transparency – about capacity, budget, and collaborators – and bring the same to a project.
  • We ask clients to stay focused on the big picture and long-term relationship and we expect that each person involved in the project is treated with dignity and respect.